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Welcome to our YouTube monetization services, where we help you meet the requirements of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers for channel monetization. We provide the necessary watch time and subscribers to assist you in achieving your goals. If you’re interested in purchasing an already monetized channel, we also offer YouTube monetized channels for sale. To avail our services, simply provide us with your channel URL and ensure you have a video of at least 15 minutes uploaded.

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Welcome to our services, where we offer assistance with YouTube monetization. If you are interested in purchasing this service, it’s important to note that you need to meet certain requirements, which are 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to monetize your channel. We are here to help you achieve these goals by providing the necessary watch time and subscribers. Additionally, if you’re looking to buy an already monetized channel, please contact us on whatsapp, as we can offer YouTube monetized channels for sale as well.

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YouTube Monetization Service Process

In order to provide our services, we will require the URL of your YouTube channel. Additionally, there should be at least one video of 15 minutes duration uploaded on your channel. We utilize various RDPs (Remote Desktop Protocols) to fulfill the required watch time. As for subscribers, we can offer either panel subscribers or upload short videos on your channel to help you reach the desired subscriber count. We guarantee our services, and once your channel is monetized, it will remain monetized unless you violate YouTube’s terms of service.

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What type of channels are eligible for YouTube Monetization Service?

We accept all the channels except copyright channels, gambling, adult, interest, and medical-related channels. These channels can’t be monetized.

Do you provide a guarantee of subscribers and watch time?

We provide a guarantee of monetizing your channel, subscribers can decrease after the channel is monetized but it won’t affect monetization.

What if the channel is not monetized?

If the channel is not monetized, you will get a refund for your order.

What do I need to submit to start the order?

we need your YouTube channel URL with 15 mins duration of the uploaded video so that we can complete the watch time.



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