YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

Embarking on the journey of creating a YouTube Channel can be an exhilarating way to earn Passive Income online. Imagine making Tens of Thousands of Dollars monthly, just by aligning with the Current Trends and leveraging Data smartly. The YouTube Studio stands as a gateway to this world where your Videos can turn into a lucrative business. 

It’s not just about Luck or merely Getting Started; it’s about making informed decisions to avoid Costly Mistakes that New Channel Owners often face. In this article, I’ll share insights from my own experience in setting up a Local Lead Generation Business on YouTube, and how you can do the same without Spending Hundreds and avoiding the pitfalls.

What Are YouTube Automation Channels?

YouTube Automation Channels are a revolution in how content is created. They are Faceless – you don’t need to be a Public Figure or a Celebrity to succeed. Instead, you can Outsource Operations to create a steady Passive Income Stream. As an Owner, you won’t need to be the Influencer in front of the camera. 

Instead, using Well-Crafted Scripts, Stock Footage, Animations, and Voiceover work, your Video Content can still drive Traffic and Build An Audience. Think of creators like Mr. Beast or Jake Paul, but without showing your face.

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YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

1.) Storytelling: Channel Idea With Unlimited Potential

In the world of YouTube automation, a channel idea centered around storytelling opens doors to immense creativity and content creation. Imagine a channel akin to Mr. Nightmare, where scary stories come to life through creative writing and captivating voice-over performances. This concept has the unlimited potential to engage a massive audience, keeping them hooked with each video. 

The role of scriptwriters is vital in this process, as they provide the necessary support to enhance the channel efforts. Such a channel could easily amass thousands of dollars per month in ad revenue, as seen with similar channels on Social Blade. However, maintaining originality is key, and tools like Copyscape should be employed to avoid any plagiarize issues, ensuring each story is as unique as it is enthralling.

Example: Mr. Nightmare

2.) Space Tech: Exploring New Frontiers on YouTube

Space tech is a fascinating topic, especially among millennials in America. A YouTube automation channel focusing on this theme could explore the wonders of space travel, including the efforts of Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic. 

Such a channel would not only cover the technical aspects of space technology but also delve into the broader industry implications, like virtual real estate. The goal is to bring about a realization in humanity about the potential of space exploration. This topic, rich in content, offers a unique opportunity to educate and inspire through a YouTube automation channel.

Example: Voyager

3.) Motivation: Inspiring Change Through YouTube Content

Creating a motivational YouTube channel is more than just sharing motivational content; it’s about addressing the struggles people face in today’s society. With phenomena like quiet quitting and the great resignation reshaping our understanding of work, there’s a growing need for channels that provide motivation and value in people’s lives. Channels like FREE INVESTING have capitalized on this need by offering advice, success stories, and tips for personal growth. 

Such content, whether through motivational videos, quotes, or podcasts, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the modern market. The potential for these channels is significant, especially when they incorporate dynamic videos, animations, and graphics to captivate their viewers and promote building confidence.

Example: Multiversity

4.) Strange History: Uncovering the Unusual in Our Past

The realm of history is vast, encompassing subjects that often escape our attention during schooling. A faceless YouTube channel like Nutty History proves that historical happenings, which are far more peculiar than any textbook narrative, can captivate an audience. 

By exploring historical videos from unique angles, even the CREEPY and the Normal, channels can breathe new life into events from Ancient Greece to the US War periods. Imagine a video comparing Captain America to real historical figures – such video titles could lead to immense success. Viewers are fascinated by history, especially tales spanning thousands of years. 

A researcher diving into video topics filled with interesting facts can transform a channel into a treasure trove of knowledge. The potential for views here is as deep and varied as history itself.

Example: Nutty History

5.) Sports Facts: Scoring Big in the YouTube Arena

Sports facts are a goldmine for YouTube content creators. In the United States, where live sports content garners immense interest monthly, focusing on this topic can captivate a large portion of the world’s population, including soccer fans noted by World Atlas. A channel idea in this area can easily accumulate significant YouTube views. 

A successful channel in the sports niche, like JxmyHighroller focuses on basketball, and demonstrates that even single sports content can engage a wide audience. Offering interesting perspectives on various sports, aligned with the rhythms of sports seasons and the excitement of a new sports season, ensures a rich content pool. 

This YouTube niche thrives on the dynamic nature of sports, blending facts with compelling storytelling for an engaging experience.

Example: JxmyHighroller

6.) Travel Guides: Navigating the Post-Pandemic World

The Economic Impact Report by the World Travel and Tourism Council highlights the significant role of tourism in the global economy, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This presents a unique YouTube channel idea – a money-maker in the realm of travel guides. Despite the challenges, there’s a renewed tourism interest, with travel spending on the rise. Partnering with a global travel agency like Expedia can bolster an automation channel’s YouTube marketing strategy. 

By showcasing the world’s destinations, including both mainstream and off-the-beaten-path travel destinations, a channel can carve out a distinct identity. Offering a unique angle on popular destinations is key to establishing channel distinction. This approach not only informs but also inspires viewers, reigniting their passion for travel in a world eagerly reopening its doors.

Example: Expedia

7.) Software Tutorials: A Lucrative Niche in Online Learning

In the realm of YouTube channels, software tutorials represent a niche with significant upside. These tutorials, covering programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, and QuickBooks, cater to a wide range of YouTube users. Channels like AppFind demonstrate the potential of this niche. 

Not only is the demand for online learning in software high, but these channels also benefit from higher revenue from YouTube ads compared to the average channel topic. The focus is on enhancing the user experience and simplifying navigation of these often expensive products. Moreover, incorporating visuals, infographics, diagrams, and charts can make complex concepts more accessible. 

Beyond just software, these channels can expand into tutoring services for subjects like math and English grammar, offering test prep advice and tutorials for all levels from grade school to college. The monetization opportunities are vast, from private tutoring services to subscription plans with a monthly fee for exclusive content access. Collaboration with other educational channels can further amplify content promotion.

Example: AppFind

8.) DIY Tutorials: A Creative and Practical YouTube Venture

DIY tutorials are a staple among YouTube channels, especially for DIY’ers. These channels, characterized by substantial subscriber counts, offer a range of instructional videos in areas like arts, crafts, plumbing, and electronics. 

Crafting videos can range from simple recipes to complex projects, often featuring the creator’s face, hands, or other body parts to demonstrate techniques. 

Animations and graphics add an extra layer of engagement, as seen in channels like 5-Minute DECOR. The appeal of DIY tutorials lies in their practicality and the satisfaction of creating something tangible, making them a popular choice for viewers looking to learn and experiment.

Example: 5-Minute DECOR

9.) Traditional Skillsets: Finding Tranquility in the Modern World

Traditional skillsets, such as gardening, cooking, and sewing, have found a new lease of life in our modern world, especially post the COVID-19 lockdowns. YouTube channels focusing on these traditional hobbies, like crocheting, bookbinding, or baking homemade bread, cater to those seeking tranquility and a break from technology. 

Animation videos demonstrating basic skills in these hobbies can bring the joy of working with one’s hands into every house. 

Such content resonates with deep-seated interests in relaxing and practical activities. The strategy for these channels is to present traditional skillsets as not just hobbies but as a means to reconnect with a simpler, more satisfying way of life, appealing to those looking to rediscover the joy in hands-on activities.

10.) Philosophical: Engaging Minds and Questioning Modern Behaviors

Philosophical content on YouTube, as seen in channels like Philosophies for Life and Einzelganger, attracts subscribers interested in exploring modern behaviors, social media usage, judgment, and negative thoughts. These channels delve into misconceptions about life and its meaning, drawing on the wisdom of great thinkers. 

A YouTube creator in this niche can make a positive impact on their viewers, offering insights that challenge and enrich the mindset of a large audience. The payout for such content isn’t just in videos’ views; it’s in the potential to profoundly influence the way people perceive and engage with the world around them.

Example: Einzelgänger

11.) Video Game Reviews and Walkthroughs: A Gaming Enthusiast’s Dream

Video game reviews and walkthroughs are the heart and soul of a passionate gaming YouTube channel. Covering a variety of games across genres like role-playing, sports, and adventure, these channels cater to a niche audience of gaming enthusiasts. Gamer’s Little Playground is a perfect example, showcasing how gameplay footage can be turned into an entertainment source. 

A faceless YouTube channel in this domain focuses on delivering high-quality reviews and walkthroughs, allowing subscribers and viewers to fully experience the game before diving in themselves. Such channels can lead to significant earnings, as they provide a valuable resource for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Example: Gamer’s Little Playground

12.) Technology Reviews: Your Go-To Tech Guide

Technology reviews form the backbone of any successful tech channel on YouTube. Covering everything from gadgets, laptops, gaming consoles, and phones, to cameras, these channels offer comprehensive gadget reviews and buying advice. They delve into product functionality and use maximization, aiding viewers in making informed purchases of new technology. 

Tech review channels often use a faceless, voiceover format to focus purely on product discussion, accompanied by demos and hands-on reviews. This format provides clear, concise, and focused content that gives viewers insights into the latest tech on the market.

Example: TechZone

13.) Illustration/Animation Channels: Bringing Art to Life

Illustration/animation channels on YouTube offer a unique blend of art, drawing, illustration, and animation. These channels, ranging from creating animated shorts to providing educational illustrations, captivate their viewers. 

They often show the creator’s face or hands, along with their drawing utensils, bringing an intimate and detailed look into the process of creating art. These channels foster art appreciation among their audience, providing an insight into the intricate world of illustration and animation.

Example: angrymikko

14.) Tour Videos: Exploring the World Virtually

Tour videos on YouTube have opened a new frontier in the internet age, offering virtual tours through a mix of photos, audio, and video clips. These faceless YouTube channels provide an immersive experience of various locations like museums, ancient cities, nature reserves, and even theme parks or luxury home walkthroughs. 

The visuals in these videos transport viewers to places they might not physically visit, offering a unique and engaging way to explore the world.

Example: The Local Project

15.) Gardening: Cultivating a Green Thumb Online

Gardening channels on YouTube tap into the ever-growing interest in home gardening. These faceless channels offer a money-making opportunity with significant audience appeal. 

They provide guides and tips on caring for various plants across different seasons, covering everything from planting to nurturing flowers and vegetables. Tour videos of beautiful gardens also add to the viewer’s attraction, inspiring viewers to start or enhance their gardening projects.


Top 10 Best YouTube Automation Channel Examples:

1.) Bright Side:

Discovering Bright Side was like finding a digital goldmine. This Automation Channel boasts over 4 Million Subscribers, captivating its audience with a mix of Intriguing Facts, Life Hacks, and Science Experiments. They turn Complex Information into easily digestible content through Aesthetically Appealing animations. Their strategy of using Licensed Videos to Visualize concepts is ingenious. 

2.) TheRichest:

TheRichest is a journey into Luxury and Opulence, focusing on Celebrities and their Lavish Lifestyles. With a staggering 15 Million Subscribers, it’s a testament to the allure of Luxurious Goods and Wealth. The content, rich with Animations, Scripts, and Voiceovers, makes the lives of the Rich and Famous accessible and engaging. Their business model, incorporating YouTube Ads, Sponsored Content, and partnerships with Luxury Brands, is a blueprint for monetizing digital content.

3.) Brainy Dose:

Brainy Dose stands out in the realm of Personal Growth and Self-Improvement. Through Animated Videos, they delve into Psychology, Motivation, and Productivity, providing valuable Life Advice. Their Conversational Style and Engaging Visuals make complex topics approachable. They’ve also mastered monetization through Ad Impressions and Affiliate Marketing, enhancing their reach and impact.

4.) Body Hub:

Body Hub caters to Fitness Enthusiasts with over 1.26 Million Subscribers, offering Animated Workout Routines and Nutritional Tips. The channel excels in presenting Researched, Fact-based fitness content. Their collaboration with Fitness Brands and Supplement Companies through Sponsored Content and Endorsements showcases a successful business strategy.

5.) Motiversity:

Motiversity is a beacon of Motivation and Personal Development. They blend Licensed Video Clips with Powerful Speeches by renowned Coaches and Speakers. The channel not only motivates but also monetizes effectively through Ad Revenue, extending into a Podcast and a Merch Collection.

6.) Brett In Tech:

Brett In Tech is your go-to for Technology Reviews, Tutorials, and Discussions on the latest Technology, Software, and Gadgets. The channel’s Listicle Videos and Screen-Recorded Videos, delivered in a Conversational Style, are both informative and timely. Their engagement in Affiliate Programs showcases their niche expertise.

7.) Top Luxury:

Top Luxury offers a glimpse into the world of Extravagance, covering Mega-Construction Projects and the latest in Technology. Their Automated Approach to creating Captivating Content is both innovative and effective. The channel thrives on Ad Revenue and Affiliate Links, utilizing AI Tools for video creation.

8.) Ben Lionel Scott:

Ben Lionel Scott focuses on Personal Development and Motivation through Edited Videos featuring Powerful Speeches. The channel’s approach to Automated Content Delivery is thought-provoking, supported by YouTube’s Ad Revenue and a Subscription Program.

9.) Animaltube.TV:

For Animal Lovers, Animaltube.TV presents a world of Animal Videos, including Top 10s and Dog Breeds. Their Automated Content Production is both Adorable and Educational, appealing to a wide audience and capitalizing on Ad Revenue.

10.) Law of Attraction Coaching:

Law of Attraction Coaching inspires through Animated Videos on Manifestation and Positive Thinking. Despite Copyright challenges, they produce Uplifting and Transformative content, effectively using Ads for monetization.

YouTube Automation Tasks That Can Help Make You Profit:

In the dynamic world of YouTube, Automation stands as a beacon of efficiency, especially for Content Creators and those running an Automation Business. It’s not just about churning out Quality Content; it’s about doing so consistently while generating Profits. 

Here’s how to turn your channel into a Money-Fest with smart Automation Tools, all while enjoying the benefits of Passive Income. The key? A well-planned Setup and Minimal Maintenance.

1.) Video Content Upload Scheduling:

Imagine having your YouTube channel operate like a well-oiled machine, where your videos go live precisely when your audience is most engaged. That’s the power of Video Upload Scheduling.

By using External Software like YouTube Studio, you gain access to tools that let you publish your content at a set Time and Date. This isn’t just about saving Time; it’s about being Strategized and Organized with your Ideas. From my experience, this Content Scheduling approach lets you focus more on creation while your Own Channel runs on autopilot.

2.) Hiring a Freelancer:

Hiring a Freelancer can be a game changer for your YouTube channel. As someone who’s worked with numerous Outsourced Freelancers, I can attest to the Cost-Efficient nature of this strategy. It’s about Budget Maximization; you pay for the work you need, whether it’s for a single project or ongoing support. 

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are treasure troves for finding skilled Freelancers who can elevate your content while offering Time Savings and Cost-Savings benefits compared to full-time Employees.

3.) Social Media Integration:

Social Media Integration is a potent tool for amplifying your YouTube content. By leveraging platforms like Hootsuite or Loomly, you can easily share Snippets or Teasers of your videos across different Social Media Platforms. 

This not only boosts your Subscribers and Viewers but also aligns with your audience’s Interests and Entertainment needs. Remember, the power of a simple Share Button can never be underestimated in marketing your Full Video.

4.) YouTube Titles and Description Generator:

In the realm of YouTube, SEO-Friendly YouTube Titles and Descriptions are crucial for Visibility. Tools like TubeRanker assist in generating optimized titles and descriptions filled with relevant Keywords. This Task Delegation to automated tools not only saves time but also improves your content’s Ranking. Remember, the goal is to make your videos easily discoverable by Users.

5.) Followers and Subscribers Management:

Managing your Followers and Subscribers effectively is key to growing your YouTube Channel as a Business. This encompasses everything from timely Uploads to engaging with Comments. 

Employing Community Moderators and focusing on relationship-building with your audience ensures a loyal and growing Audience. It’s about creating a community, not just a viewer base.

6.) Video Editing:

Lastly, Video Editing is where the magic happens. Hiring a Freelance Video Editor can drastically improve the Quality of your Video Content. These editors bring expertise that translates into Quality Improvement and significant Time Saving. With various Editing Tools available, choosing the right one can lead to both Quality Control and Cost-Saving.

Avoid Mistakes New Automation Channel Owner Make

When launching a YouTube automation channel, understanding the landscape is crucial. Reflecting on my journey, I’ve encountered common pitfalls that many new channel owners face.

Expecting Short-Term Results: A Reality Check

Firstly, anticipate a long-term endeavor. Aiming for 1,000 subscribers within 22 months might seem feasible, but it’s not a quick fix. Many quit due to unrealistic expectations. Patience and persistence are key.

Being Too Cheap: The Cost of Quality

Investing in high-quality talent is essential. Skimping on resources can lead to subpar content. Utilize remote freelance platforms to elevate your production. Remember, among a billion videos, the best quality videos capture YouTube’s audience. Channels like Thomas Garetz’s No Face YT showcase how investing in quality pays off, even for a faceless YouTube channel.

Choosing a General Niche: The Trap of Breadth Over Depth

Lastly, avoid a general content approach in a competitive niche. Narrow down to a specific sub-niche. For instance, a philosophical channel focusing on the pain points of male college students can differentiate your content, making it more appealing to a targeted niche audience base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Easiest Topic For A YouTube Channel?

Choosing the Easiest Topic for your YouTube Channel is all about aligning your Interests and what you are passionate about. Success in Automation doesn’t require a big budget but involves Revenue Sharing and possibly Outsourcing some Team operations. When you’re Motivated by your content, it becomes easier to Operate and Watch your Videos grow. If you’re Struggling for an Idea, start with what excites you the most.

Why Should You Automate Your YouTube Channel?

Automating your YouTube Channel opens the door to consistent Passive Income. By leveraging Talented Individuals to produce High-Quality Videos, your efforts in Audience Engagement are amplified. 

Outsourcing parts of the Skilled Trade, like Video Editing, to a Veteran Editor, or Creative Script work to an Expert Scriptwriter, can significantly boost the Quality of your content. This Automation frees up your time, allowing you to focus on Capturing Audience Attention and strategizing your Content Creation.

Is YouTube Automation Suitable For All Types Of Channels?

YouTube Automation may not fit all channel types. It’s ideal for content where personal interaction isn’t key, like Educational or Niche Topics. However, channels relying on personal connections or specific brand building, like some Business Channels, might not benefit as much from automation. 

The suitability largely depends on the channel’s content nature and the importance of personal engagement in achieving its Goals.

Can You Make Money From YouTube Automation?

Making Money from YouTube Automation is a realistic expectation with the right Setup. There are many success stories, like Make Money Matt, that demonstrate how Faceless Channels can be profitable. Setting realistic expectations and understanding the process is crucial to success.

How Much Money Can Someone Make From YouTube Automation?

The potential Money to be made from YouTube Automation ranges between $1,000 to $10,000 per Month, especially for a Successful Channel. However, it might take Two to Three Years to reach this level. Faceless Videos in the right Niche can garner Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, as seen with channels like Lifestyle and Business or Alux.

How Do You Become A Faceless YouTuber?

Becoming a Faceless YouTuber involves creating a Channel where you Post Videos with Voiceover or Narration. Using Off-Screen Narrators, Guests, Hosts, Animated Graphics, or Virtual Characters can enhance Engagement without showing your face. Social Media Content and understanding Analytics are crucial in this approach.


Building a successful YouTube Automation Channel requires Financial Resources, High-Quality Videos, and Patience. It might take years to see substantial Passive Income, but it’s a viable Online Business Opportunity. From my experience, I would recommend starting with a Local Lead Generation approach on YouTube Automation. This can lead to Earning Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars per Client each Month through SEO and Website Ranking. Remember, setting Essential Goals and having a strategy to achieve them is crucial in this endeavor.

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